Big Daddy is the head of our little family.  He’s twenty-five and works for our former high school.  He’s studying accounting at a local college, and he shares my dream to one day run a farm.  He’s the even-tempered, cuddly parent and is very close with Avery.  He’s the love of my life and my forever husband.

Avery is our firstborn, brown-eyed boy.  Biologically, he’s a product of my short-lived first marriage, but he’s been raised by Big Daddy since before he was born.  They’ve been inseparable since the day he was born.  He turned two in February 2012 and stopped wearing diapers on his birthday.  He’s very loving to everyone and everything (he kisses his toys goodnight) but especially adores his Daddy and his little brother.  He’s very methodical and neat – everything has a place, and must be lined up perfectly.  He is definitely his mother’s son.

Jackson is our second, blue-eyed little boy.  He was born in November 2011 and has been mine-all-mine since the day he was born.  He and I have an extra-special bond just like Daddy and Avery do.  He’s my easy baby, a great sleeper and hardly ever fusses.  He adores his older brother and lights up if he even walks nearby.  He’s loosey-goosey, always smiling and totally laidback.  He is definitely his father’s son.

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