I’m Amanda.  I’m 24 years old and the mother of two fantastic little boys.  (But doesn’t everyone think their kids are fantastic?  No, mine really are.  No, really.  Okay, most of the time.)  Avery is two years old, and Jackson was born last November.  That makes me very busy, as you can imagine.  (That is also why I am “The Constant Diaperer.”)

Expect to see cloth diapers, baby gear, parenting tips, photography, books, devotionals, and my family’s day-to-day life.  And maybe guns.  (What?  I didn’t say I was a mommy blogger.)

Me and Big Daddy.

Important but random things about me:

  • I am married, not to my high school sweetheart, but to the other boy I had a crush on.  Mr. Popularity married the goofy punk girl, in this John Hughes movie.
  • My top two hobbies (besides, you know, taking care of my kids 24/7) are reading and taking pictures.  I shoot with a Canon Rebel T1i and (mostly) an iPhone 4S.
  • I am a nerd and an athlete.  Varsity Academic Team and Varsity softball.  That makes me awesome.
  • I studied (and will study again and one day finish) biology.  I am a total science geek.
  • I love Disney.  Disney movies, Disney music, Disney World, you name it.
  • I’m into gadgets and good with computers.  I’m an Apple fangirl, too.
  • I’ve been a blogger off-and-on since about 2002. (That’s the eighth grade, y’all!)
  • I am a certified SCUBA diver, but I don’t get to dive nearly as much as I’d like.
  • I have two dogs that I don’t currently like very much, but we are crammed in a space too small for a family of four and two canines, so I’m sure the love will grow back when our space does, too.  I don’t believe in giving up animals because you’re not in an ideal situation, so they stay.  Period.
  • My husband and I are both very, very close with our grandparents.  We watch their movies, listen to their music, and even sometimes dress like them.  What can I say? We were born in the wrong era and totally made for each other.
  • I am a future farmer’s wife.  It is our dream to own land as far as the eye can see, and make an agritourism farm out of it.  Christmas trees, pumpkins, apple picking, berry picking, hay rides, trail rides, a bed & breakfast, you name it.  A year-round, working agritourism farm.  And probably some crops, too, because my husband loves that kind of thing.
  • And, probably most importantly, I am southern.  Very southern, y’all.  I listen to nothing but 40’s honky-tonk to current country top 40 hits.  Loretta Lynn, Charley Pride, and Garth Brooks are my all-time favorites.  Flannel is my favorite color.  I only wear blue jeans or blue jean shorts.  You get the idea.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad I started with cloth! The 2nd is where you really save the cash! We’re currently building our stash for #2 coming some time in the near future, so my life is about to get interesting! I love reading your blog and I’m glad you are doing so great!

    • Are you expecting again? Or just expecting to be expecting? Haha.

      Our cloth diapers are really the only thing we are keeping after Jackson outgrows them. We’ve been consigning or selling almost everything because we are going to wait a couple of years before we have another, and I don’t really want to store 15 boxes of baby clothes and gear for that long. Plus, newer and cuter stuff will be out by then. 🙂 I was very glad to have kept everything between Avery & Jackson, though, because they are so close in age. We had to buy almost nothing for Jackson.

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