Mawmaw on my Mind

Yesterday, we were supposed to go out to dinner with my mom’s mother (my Mawmaw, the one from 85 Years Young) and my mom’s brother, who is back stateside from doing civilian contracting in Kuwait.  However, Mawmaw got sick for a few days straight, so we wound up getting the family together in the hospital instead.  She’s got some sort of infection in her gall bladder, and she was given the choice to treat the infection and stand the possibility of it returning, or to have it removed.  Like a smart lady, she chose removal, and she’s having the surgery today around noonish-one o’clock.

It was nice to see my uncle and Mawmaw, and I’m sure my mom was glad to see my kids, but obviously we all would have liked to have gotten together under better circumstances.  Mawmaw is on my mind this morning, and even though gall bladder surgery is typically pretty straightforward and easy, she is eighty-five years old and I’m sure that carries a bit more risk.  So, prayers please, for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.  I’m sure she would much rather smart off at the mouth from the comfort of her own house than that hospital bed!

Jackson and his Gigi (my mom) at the hospital, visiting Mawmaw.


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