Noah’s Ark & Absenteeism

I’ve been conspicuously absent for the last week!  I missed the Weekend Rewind for the first time (it’s Wednesday now, so I suppose there’s not really any point in doing it by now), though not for lack of things to write about.  We had another good weekend – it was our third weekend in a row with Avery since his biological father gave up his weekend again – including the typical ballpark times, and a special treat at the laser show with Samantha & family on Saturday night.  Sunday, the kids and I hung out with my grandparents while Big Daddy called some more games.

So, despite a pretty great weekend, I haven’t been able to write this entire week.  I’ve just been uninspired, I guess.  I’ve done things like catch up on magazines that were collecting dust, paint my nails (twice! the world must be ending), read two books, and spend a heck of a lot of time on Instagram.

Yesterday, now, was a different story.  Yesterday was awesome.  I joined this group called the Mom Squad on a couple months ago, and I had been to a couple meetups with them when I first joined.  I fell off the bandwagon for a little while, though, because of baseball season and Stew’s third shift keeping us busy.  But yesterday, the group went to Noah’s Ark, a local animal rehabilitation center/sort of mini-zoo type thing.  We’ve taken Avery here twice before, but hadn’t been yet this year.  I was dying to go, and couldn’t wait for the Mom Squad to get the group up there.  We all had a great time, and this year Avery is really old enough to enjoy the animals (“lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”) so it was doubly fun.  And with so many other kids there, Avery had lots of fun just running around between exhibits with the other little ones.  There was a little boy whose mom wasn’t even with our group, but her three year old was begging to run up ahead so he could “be with his friend” – and he was talking about Avery!  My heart totally melted.  I should have sidled up to his mom and made friends, because he seemed like a super sweet little boy. 🙂

So a good time was had by all, and I got the pictures to prove it!

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2 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark & Absenteeism

  1. It’s awesome! We’ve been three times since Avery was born, and I went a couple times in high school, too. It’s nice and shaded for most of the park, which is awesome. But, sadly… no, there’s not two of every animal. There is one enclosure that has a lion, a tiger, and a bear! Apparently they grew up together so they live harmoniously.

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