Weekend Rewind

What a freakin’ weekend!  Y’all, we had the best weekend we’ve had in a really long time.  As much as we love spending weekends at the ballpark, it was nice to do something different for once.  Friday, we drove down to the Savannah suburbs to stay the night with my childhood best friend.  Catching up with her is always great – we both miss her tons since she moved down there last year.  Saturday, we all got up and went to East Beach on St. Simons Island (Big Daddy and I keep saying we are going to go somewhere else the next time, like Driftwood Beach or Hilton Head) but we are always drawn back to those live oaks and that spanish moss!).  It was hella windy, so we were entirely covered in sand in about .002 seconds after we got there.  But that’s the point of the beach, right?

Besides, this kid loves sand.

After playing around at the beach for a couple hours (and seeing a headless sea turtle wash up in shore … yikes!) we all loaded up and headed over to our favorite restaurant, Iguana’s, for lunch.  As always, their shrimp is just to die for.  There’s really nothing like wild-caught, local, Georgia shrimp, fried to perfection.  I’m drooling just remembering it!

After lunch, we installed both boys’ car seats in Danielle’s car and she was awesome enough to drive them back to her place and keep them ALL NIGHT so me and Big Daddy could have a night to ourselves.  We literally have not had a single night completely to ourselves since Jackson was born.  We had gotten a Groupon for our favorite hotel (Sea Palms Inn, half off, y’all!) and it came with two tickets on the Emerald Princess II casino cruise.  I had wavered about actually using the free tickets or not, since Big Daddy has gotten seasick before on a deep sea fishing charter.  But, I thought since this boat was a lot bigger than the last deep sea fishing boat I was on, surely he wouldn’t get sick.  But … he did.  That, and once we were tired of gambling, we were kinda trapped.  Once you’re on a boat, you’re on a boat, ya know?  So Big Daddy laid on the floor (yes, the floor) of the dining room (yes, the dining room), totally miserable, seasick, and freezing.  For THREE. HOURS.  And I sat beside him in a chair, not seasick but still freezing.  Why was that boat so cold, anyway?

“No cell phones permitted in the casino.” OOPS.

Big Daddy said he still had fun, he enjoyed the experience (blackjack was his favorite) and he might still be willing to try a short cruise sometime.  Even still, I think we both wished we had just used the opportunity to hang around the island and turn in early for the night.  You know, get some sleep since that’s what every parent of babies wants most of all!  Perhaps we’ll get another opportunity, but I’m willing to bet it will be another six months before we do!

Sunday morning came much too quickly, and we had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and got to do the only relaxing alone time we had all weekend: about an hour at the pool, which felt more like a nanosecond.  Then we were off to pick up our boys, who we were dying to see.  We both bailed out of the van as soon as we got there and raced to the door!  Of course, they were both sleeping and we had to wait anyway, but it was good to just soak in their presence.

I guess it’s pretty universal to want a little time away from your kids, only to practically (or, in our case, literally!) race back to see them again.

All said, we had a wonderful weekend that just didn’t last long enough.  Originally, we weren’t even supposed to have Avery this weekend – it was Sperm Donor (aka his biological father)’s weekend but he had other things to do.  I was concerned about having Danielle keep both boys at the same time, since we’ve never had anyone do that for us before, but everything worked out.  Avery totally warmed up to his “Aunt D” and she had everything under control!  I’m sorry for Avery that his biological father does not make him a priority, but every extra weekend we get with him (and there have been plenty) is a blessing for us.  This weekend just would not have been the same without him rolling all in the sand, feeding his brother animal crackers (hello!  he does not eat solid food yet!), and generally just making us roll with laughter.

Avery is apparently still in giggle mode, as he is walking around saying, “I-love-you-Mommy-thank-you-Mommy-you-welcome-Mommy,” all squished together as one big word and set on repeat.  I love that little boy. 🙂

Somehow I also managed to take about 500 pictures this weekend (and no, this time that’s not an exaggeration.)  So rather than talk on and on about each photo, here’s a sampling of what went on this weekend:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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