As Seen on Pinterest

Since the last As Seen on Pinterest (a diy headband braided from your own hair) turned out to be something I do all the time now, I thought doing another project may turn out to be a useful craft, too.  So here’s the next crafty thing: a ribbon scarf made from old t-shirts.

I’ve been saying various iterations of the “t-shirt scarf for awhile now, some more complicated than others, and ever since I saw the first one on Pinterest awhile back, I’ve had it in my mind to cut up one of Big Daddy’s many neon orange t-shirts.  (Orange looks best with camo, y’all!)  Big Daddy’s grandma picked up a ton of these random neon orange t-shirts for him from a yard sale or something, and they are printed with a company name.  I’d assume that someone quit or retired from their roadwork job and wound up with a bazillion excess neon shirts.  Regardless, 3X t-shirts are not easy (or cheap) to come by, so she purchased them for him.  But a man only needs so many neon shirts, which is why I’ve had by eye out for t-shirt crafts and couldn’t wait to cut a couple of them up!

This image is directly from

First I saw the pin,

which linked to the blog article,

which was apparently based on someone else’s blog article.

Confused yet?!

So I started this project off, like the first post suggested, drawing six circles on the t-shirt, tracing them with a six-inch plate.  Since I wanted bigger, wider ruffles, I tried to cut my strips from the circles as big as possible, aiming for at least three inches.  This was harder than I thought, and I still wound up with pretty long and thin ruffles, but they looked alright in the end.  The article said to cut out six circles, which made three strips, but I am a dumbass and I cut out twelve freaking circles which made six strips.  This turned out to be a good thing in the end, because Avery’s little cousin came over while I was making it and decided that she wanted one, too. 🙂

After tracing the circles, you cut spirals out of each one, leaving two circles connected at a time.

That’s pretty much it for the crafty part!  (This is my kind of project, y’all!)  Then you just layer them however you want (all one length, staggered, whatever)or mix up strips from different colored t-shirts and tie them together.  That’s it!  Since this was so easy, even for me, I added a little something to mine:

I braided the part that goes behind my neck so that I don’t have to keep it knotted all the time, I can just wrap it around instead like a normal scarf.

All said and done, I think this was the easiest, coolest thing I’ve made in awhile.  And there’s still some of the t-shirt left to make some more stuff with.  I also cut off one of the sleeves and made a headband with it.

I cut the sleeve off but left it in a full circle, then cut two slits into it to make three sort of “bands” that were still connected. Then I just braided them.

I’m not super crafty, people.  But I can braid.  And apparently the width of the sleeve on a 3X t-shirt is totally perfect for the circumference of my head.  So yay, I made something up!

Sorry, y’all. My one complaint about my iPhone is the front-facing camera. It takes crappy, grainy pictures.

So I had a good time, doing my little 20-minute project.  I kind of want to cut out some from other colored shirts and layer them up like they did on made in a day.  But first, I’ve already got my mind on another Pinterest project!


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