Thank You!

My blog is one month old today.  Despite the fact that I’ve been a blogger off-and-on since 2002 (that’s the eighth grade, y’all!) this is the most successful blog I’ve ever had.

Today, on the one month birthday of The Constant Diaperer, you guys broke the page view record (again) at 51 hits in a single day.  A lot of you probably see way more traffic than that.  I’m totally floored.  51 hits!  That is so many more than zero! 😛

And, in one month, I’ve written only 28 posts and you’ve visited me more than 350 times.  I am totally humbled that I’ve actually written something that people want to read, and I’m grateful to have y’all around.  Thanks for everything, here’s to another great month, and hit me up in the comments!

I’m often asked how I find time to write with two young kiddos. I give you: the art of distraction.


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