Weekend Rewind

As with most weekends, we spent the majority of it at the ballpark.  On Saturday, Big Daddy had six games of 9/10 baseball at Heritage Park, which we really enjoy.  It’s a very large, very nice park with an actual steam engine that you can get in (although we have to avoid that area on baseball days or Avery will never get out of it).  When we first got to the park, we got all set up in our usual spot by the third base dugout, and Avery was immediately exploring this cool little landscaped area behind us.

Avery acted like he was in the dad-gum wilderness or something.

The day turned out to be ninety-something degrees with a cloudless sky (thanks, Georgia), so we were roasting by the end of the first game.  The kids were cranky, I was cranky, and we went through our gallon water jug in record time.  Big Daddy has a cooling system that he wears, but the poor guy forgot the batteries for it at home, so it was nothing but dead weight and an extra-thick undershirt he definitely did not need to be wearing.

By ten AM, the not-even-summer-yet heat and sunshine were getting unbearable, so I loaded up the kids into our double stroller and headed for the hills.  Or rather, the playground up the hill.  Avery ran around and rubbed wood chips all over his face and hair (why???) while I sat reading in the shade of the pavilion with Jackson.

Eventually Avery wanted to swing, so I had to brave the sunshine and go push him for a little bit.  While I was out there, I slipped away between pushes to take some pictures.

I took a lot more, so follow me on Instagram (amandacari) if you’d like to see the rest.  After Avery played for a little while, we headed back to the field to find that Big Daddy’s second game was over.  We sat around for a minute, he and his partner got a rest, we all ate some sandwiches to refuel and recharge, and Avery fell asleep in the stroller.  Big Daddy helped me get him to the van and laid him out to nap (thank God for giant conversion vans!).  The boys and I got to hang out in the air conditioned van for about two hours, and I finished a great book of poetry (Filibuster to Delay a Kiss) and about a third of an actual paperback (Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult) – I know, I never read actual books anymore, just ebooks.  But I felt like having a paperback in my hands, so I got one that my mama lent me awhile back and I never got around to reading.  Picoult books are usually not my favorite, but I’m very much enjoying this one because the female lead is an anthropologist (nerds FTW!) and the male lead is from New Orleans (if it’s southern, I’m gonna like it, y’all).  I may just have to add it to my list of books to review.

Avery napping on the floor in Goldie.

After the kids woke up, we watched a little more baseball, had some more snacks, and headed back to the playground once again.  On very long ballpark days, especially very hot ones, we have to make the rounds several times to keep the boys happy.  The second time at the playground, I set up myself and Jackson on a blanket in the shade underneath a tree, keeping one eye on Avery and the other eye on Thoreau.  It’s become sort of a habit to read Thoreau when I’m sitting outside.

Avery and I have very different tastes in literature.

At some point, Avery decided to come sit and read with me.  He’s very into “May-ner” (Tow Mater from Cars) right now, and that’s his favorite book up there.  Reading together is pretty much my favorite thing ever, especially when it’s me and Big Daddy reading in bed beside each other, though we don’t get to do that often.  Avery is good about curling up next to me on the couch with a book, and I’m trying to teach him some sight words.  At this point, the only sight words he knows are his own name, his brother’s name, and Mommy and Daddy.

The three of us sat around in the shade, reading books and just looking around and checking out the park.  Heritage Park is a very nice place, and we’ll definitely go with Big Daddy the next time he calls games there.  At the very end of the day, I realized that this “road” we had been looking at was actually a footpath, and appeared to be mostly shaded, to boot!  Next time I’ll wear light cotton clothes and my running shoes, and that’s what we’ll be doing first thing before it gets too hot.  I’m eager to get back on (and finish) couch-to-5k, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to be able to run when I have two children and no one to keep them.  Maybe doing it at the park and running with the stroller (omg) is the only way to do it.

We’ll definitely make at least one loop around this footpath next time.

Saturday went on for so long, and we made so many rounds at the ballpark that it felt several days long.  At the end of it, when we got home, it felt like the weekend was already over.  I couldn’t believe we still had one more day to go!  (This is why I always start off on Mondays more exhausted than I ended the week on Friday.)

Sunday was an easy day for Big Daddy.  He had only four games, and they were six & under (so cute!).  The field was over by my friend Samantha‘s house, so the boys and I sat through less than two innings and then headed to her place to hang out.  We had intended on watching the entire first game, but Avery had already worn out my patience in forty minutes and got his first (and what thankfully proved to be only) spanking of the day, so we skeedadled early.

Jackson keeping score. We had to bail out in the bottom of the second inning because his brother was being a turd.  And we were getting beaten down by the sun at only 9:30!

To her credit, Sam has taken to being a stepmom-to-be like a bee to honey.  When we got there, I’d guess it was around ten in the morning, and both of her kids were already up, dressed, and playing outside.  And bless her heart, she was making pancakes.  I hate making pancakes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love eating them and I love the idea of making them.  But I always burn them or they are underdone, and there’s always a gigantic mess to boot.  But here she is, in the kitchen, not flustered at all, with a plate already piled high with the most delicious cinnamon and brown sugar pancakes and not a damned one of them burnt!  Am I a tad jealous?  Probably. 🙂  I’m still in bed at 10:00 myself (thank you, Big Daddy!), and I just can’t imagine being up, dressed, kids dressed, coffee made, and cooking by that hour.  So, bravo (brava?) Sam!  I hope to be more like you when my kids are your kids’ age.

Sam’s son Trey loves babies, especially Jackson. He told me he had missed Baby Jackson. Melts your heart, right?!

After breakfast, we spent most of the rest of the day catching up and playing with all four kids.  Sam’s daughter Chloe reminds me a lot of me when I was a little girl, playing by herself in her room with all her princess stuff and getting upset when the boys interrupted.  Avery and Trey mostly played nice together – Avery pushed him down once almost right after we got there, but after much hugs and apologies, he was better for the rest of the day.

Big Daddy’s day was a short one, and I went to pick him up when it was over.  We had a cookout that evening and were joined by Sam and David, our cousin Courtney and her new boyfriend, and my dad and his girlfriend.  Our pool is already open for the summer and has been for at least a month (that’s the good part about our heinous weather patterns), but it was still just a little too chilly for my tastes.  I took two quick dips and then resigned myself to taking pictures and enjoying the food and beer.

Avery took it upon himself yesterday to just go in the pool, let go of the ladder, and float around in his lifejacket!  For a kid who, two weeks ago, refused to let go of one of us, that is a major feat!  It was so surreal to see him (slooooowly) swim across the pool without me or Big Daddy holding the back of his life jacket to balance him.

Look at that big boy!

Even now, just thinking about watching him get in the water, hanging on to the ladder, and just let go is boggling my mind.  I guess that’s what the phrase “childlike faith” is all about.

After dinner, a little swimming, and a couple beers, I asked Big Daddy if he’d light up a fire for us.  Lightning and thunder were threatening to run us out of there, but it wasn’t raining.  I’m sure Big Daddy knew that he had two options: 1) light the fire and let the rain wash us out of there, but be able to say I told you so, or 2) don’t light the fire, the rain never hit us, and never hear the end of it from his dear, loving wife.  Smart man that he is, he chose option 1.  Which was a good choice, because the lightning and thunderclouds just kept right on threatening, and we never did get any rain.

Hubby is proud of his fire-making skills, and I love it when my clothes smell like a bonfire afterwards.

As much as I love to just sit around a bonfire until the wee hours of the morning (banjo music, anyone?) the boys were outside with us and they started to get sleepy around ten.  Courtney helped me get them inside while Big Daddy cleaned up the back yard.  One by one (and in record time!), the boys went to sleep, and I got to curl up in my wonderful-smelling bed (did I mention that I finally learned how to make laundry smell good?!).  Big Daddy wasn’t long in getting everything cleaned up, and we zonked out pretty quickly ourselves.

I don’t know about Big Daddy, but when this morning came, I felt like a new woman.  I haven’t been to sleep before 1 AM in a very, very long time.  Even if the weekend did feel like four days instead of two, a full night’s rest worked wonders for me.

How was your weekend?



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