Introducing: Stewshi

Big Daddy does, in fact, have a name.  I wasn’t going to share it (you know, privacy concerns and all) but since I have started sharing the kids’ names anyway … well, my husband’s name is Stew.  This is important to note, because since he had a sushi lesson at our favorite restaurant the other day, he has taken to calling himself Stewshi.  (Insert sigh and eye roll.)

Stew and Chia behind the sushi counter at Kuma Japanese Steakhouse.

Last Wednesday, we ate at our regular place for lunch and Stew decided to take advantage of the Christmas present I’d arranged for him.  “Stewshi” decided to make a Philadelphia roll (crab & cream cheese), which is my favorite, and some kind of crunch roll that his grandmother likes, both of which we took home to her.

Chia says the knifework is the most important part.

Turns out that if you don’t cut the roll with a smooth, sweeping motion, you basically demolish the thing and just totally rip it apart.  Just ask Stewshi.  The picture below is literally cut from the same roll, only Stew cut half of it and Chia, our friend and the restaurant owner, cut the other half.

Stew’s is on the left, Chia’s is on the right. Chia told him to keep his day job!

All in all, Stew had a good ol’ time (and of course I did, too, cause I got to eat some sushi myself before the lesson started) and is probably going to want to make it at home sometime, too.

Stew having a little fun at Chia’s expense.

So if you’re ever on the south side of Atlanta, stop in at Kuma and you’re likely to find us there.  You might even find Mr. Stewshi behind the bar.



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