As Seen on Pinterest

I’m not going to try and make As Seen on Pinterest” a weekly column or anything, because I definitely do not have time for all that kind of crafty stuff (although I’d love to do it).  But every once in awhile, both my kids manage to take naps at the same time, and I try to take the opportunity to do something Mommy wants to do.  Not laundry, or even writing.  But something just for me, like reading a book – or, you know, taking a shower without anyone jumping in with me.

This week I tried a beauty tip pin.  I love braids, always have, and I often french braid my own hair just to keep in out of my way.  This time I tried a DIY headband with my own hair, minus the model’s Jersey Shore bouffant or whatever you want to call it.  I’m Southern, but not a debutante, and I definitely don’t do poufy, y’all.

It’s remarkably hard to get a picture from that angle. I have no idea how the MySpace kids used to do it!

Big Daddy noticed what I’d done as soon as he came home from his doctor’s appointment today, which was nice. 🙂  Every woman loves to be noticed, and I am no exception.  Big Daddy said the braid was perfect and that it didn’t even look like my hair.  I’ll take that as a compliment.

In short, I think my first Pinterest attempt turned out okay.  I could have, you know, done something with the rest of my hair.  No DIY headband is gonna contain that mess.  Eventually I pulled it into a low & loose french braid, which was actually fine with the braided headband.

I can’t believe I just wrote an entire post about hair.  Shoot me, and then pretend that I wrote something better, okay?


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