April Wrap-Up

Things I Did Well in April

  • Laundry!  I was a laundry QUEEN this month.  I do at least two loads a day, plus every other day I wash the diapers.  If Avery’s diaper leaks overnight (he’s only daytime potty trained) then that’s two more loads.
  • Decluttering.  I have two small children and a husband who’s not necessarily a slob, but definitely doesn’t have an eye for housekeeping.  God love him, he tries.  But he just absentmindedly sets things down… everywhere.  But I have done well the last month, walking behind each of the men/boys in my house and picking up things in their wake.  I am happiest when I am looking at a clean house, and I have kept it that way this month.
  • Reading.  I have read tons of books this month, ten that I can tick off on my fingers but I think I’m missing a few.
  • Appreciating my husband.  I think I did pretty good this month, thanking him when he does extra stuff around the house, and leaving little love notes occasionally.  I did well this month, but of course there’s always room for improvement.

Personal Goals for May

  • Bible study.  I’ve done pretty well, and I’m still on track to finish the entire thing in under a year, but I’d like to pick up the pace and finish it faster.  We also need to get our behinds back to church, but it’s been difficult because Big Daddy always works Sundays during baseball season.  Still, that’s an excuse, and I should be taking the boys by myself if I have to.
  • Drink more tea and less coffee.  I enjoy both, but coffee is more convenient for me and I’ve been downing it like it’s nothing.  I have to remember that I am still breastfeeding, and a pot of coffee a day, while Baby J isn’t getting all of that caffeine, he is getting some of it.
  • Eat better.  I’ve already lost about fifty pounds (I say about because, like most people my weight fluctuates a bit.  So I am typically down somewhere between 45 and 50 lbs.) but I would like to lose some more.  I haven’t been actively dieting because of the breastfeeding, but I just need to be more mindful of the fact that everything I eat, my baby eats, too.
  • Be more active.  I have made peace with the fact that I’m not going to have time to join a gym or even run in the neighborhood, at all, EVER, at least until my kids are both in school (and right about that time is when we plan on having another, so probably not then either).  So I’m talking really simple things – baby lifts, stepping up and down on my nursing stool, crunches while my 2yo crawls all over me, that sort of thing.  I can’t even use my Wii Fit, which is my favorite thing ever, until I get some new batteries for the balance board.  So, in the meantime, I’ll be using babies as counterweights, and furniture and baby gear as equipment!
  • Keep up with  my surveys.  I’m not gonna mention the site name because I don’t want y’all to think I’m getting paid to do so, but I have been falling behind on the surveys I’ve been invited to.  They pay tiny amounts, but it does eventually add up, and I always cash it in for an Amazon gift card, which I then use for expanding my cloth diaper stash.  All the more reason to keep up with the surveys!
  • And, lastly, blog more often.  Um, duh?  How about some more diaper reviews up in here?

Avery This Month – 2 years 2 months

  • Avery knows all of his letters – capitals only.  Every. Single. One.  And he loves showing it off.  At a restaurant, looking at the menu: H-O-O-T-E-R-S.  On my favorite pajama shirt: J-O-H-N-D-E-E-R-E.  On his favorite movie T-O-Y-S-T-O-R-Y-3. (Yep, he knows some of his numbers by sight, too.  Mostly 3, 6, and 8.
  • Just the other day, Avery started spelling his name!  He likes to tell us what letters to write on his Magna-Doodle (usually E, S, E, S, over and over) but the other day he told Big Daddy to write A-V-E-R-Y.  We were totally amazed, and a little stunned, too.
  • He is stringing together more and more words to make pseudo-sentences.  For example, I was reminded to add this to the list when he came up a few minutes ago, pointed at the computer and said, “‘PUTER, MOMMY’S, NO TOUCH, AVERY,” by which I assume he means, “That’s Mommy’s computer.  Avery can’t touch it.”  (And yes, everything this kid says is on verbal CAPS lock.  He has no volume control.)  Earlier it was, “JACKSON PLAY TOY GROUND” because Jackson was playing under his baby gym.  His verbal style reminds me of @DRUNKHULK on Twitter.
  • He knows his name, his brother’s name, and Mommy and Daddy, all by sight.
  • Avery also knows some colors, though he doesn’t always get it right.  We’ll be working on this for May.
  • Avery is showing his stubborn, terrible-two-ness!  We say it’s blue, he screams GREEN.  We say that seven comes after six, he shakes his head and says “ONE, TWO, FWEE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, NINE, TWELVE!”  How long is that gonna last?
  • Avery knows how to work my iPhone and iPad, and his VCR (retro!).
  • We are totally daytime potty-trained!  I say “we,” because Big Daddy and I had to be trained just like Avery.  We had to learn to make sure that he goes before we get in the vehicle and when we arrive at the destination, and also that when he says “peepee?” it’s not a question!  It means get-me-to-the-potty-in-five-seconds-or-less-or-I’m-gonna-pee-on-you!
  • Avery now stays dry for most naps, except for those days that he takes long (3+ hour) naps.  He needs a diaper at night for sure, though.
  • Everyone told me that Avery was going to be jealous of the new baby, but only this month, now that he is a little over two and Jackson is five months old, did he show the first signs of it.  As soon as I (or Big Daddy) pick up Jackson, Avery wants “UP!” too.  He often wants us to put Jackson down, also (“MOMMY NO JACKSON!”).  He seems to only be jealous of Jackson’s attention from us, though.  Avery gives his own love, kisses, hugs, and attention freely to his little brother, and he does it constantly.  He is truly a great big brother.

  • And, of course, Avery is 2yr2mo old and is finally sleeping through the night (sometimes).  Sigh.

Jackson This Month – 5 months

  • Jackson still sleeps through the night, as he has since he was 2-3 weeks old.  I guess some babies are just born for it and some aren’t.  Jackson still gets swaddled, gets a kiss on each cheek, and is laid down sleepy but awake and knocks himself out every time.  He’s a champion sleeper.
  • He plays all. the. time. now.  He flings his little arms up and down constantly.  He sticks his little tongue out and wags it around.  He picks up his little baby toys and flings them back down again.  He passes them from hand to hand, drops them and picks them back up, and starts all over again!  He hardly ever actually sucks on his paci anymore, because he’s always taking it in and out of his mouth and chewing on it instead.  So we got him one of those raspberry teethers that’s shaped sort of like a paci, and he loves it!  Next month we’ll lose the paci altogether (except maybe for sleeping, but that’s tbd since he’s pretty much only using it for sleeping anyway).

  • Oh, the chewing.  He is teething majorly and I think I see a little nub coming through, although it’s hard to tell because it’s on the side.  I know!  Weird!  It’s like his teeth are coming in out of order.  Instead of the bottom two, middle, it’s the bottom, just to his left of the middle.
  • When having tummy time, Jackson can lift his torso up off the ground now.  Still no scooting, but it’s early for that yet.  Avery was scooting by this point and started crawling the day he turned six months old, so while I’m trying hard not to compare kids, I’m still on the lookout for those milestones to come up at some point in the near future.
  • Big Daddy wants me to add that Jackson turns his head when he hears familiar voices, but we can’t decide if that is new this month or not.  I think he’s been doing that for awhile.
  • Still breastfeeding almost exclusively.  In the last couple of days, we’ve tried some baby food with Jackson and he seems to be enjoying it.  See Let Them Eat Cake for what happened with his first baby food.
  • Jackson is almost a sitter!  With the help of a Boppy behind him, he can sit up pretty well.  Without it, he sits for a few seconds before tipping to one side or the other.  Somehow – and my guess is the rounded edges – he can sit up on the changing table for a minute or so at a time!  He can also sort of do a crunch and pull himself up to a sit when he’s propped up on pillows, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he only does this so he can get ahold of his little toes!  Those ten little toes are his favorite teether at the moment.

That’s it for April!  In May, I hope to bring you actual photography (DSLR, not just iPhone), a book review, a guest blogger (!), at least two cloth diaper reviews, Worship Wednesdays, and maybe start a couple other weekly columns, plus all the regular mom-centered content.  See you in May!


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