Let Them Eat Cake

With the American Academy of Pediatrics changing their recommendations what seems like every other day, I really wasn’t sure when to introduce solid foods to Jackson.  When Avery was a baby, the recommendation was solidly four months.  By the time Avery was four months old, we were already done breastfeeding for good.  We had struggled for two and half, maybe three months before finally giving up and switching to formula.  Since he wasn’t exclusively breastfed like Jackson is, it was no heartbreak to introduce solids.

Wut u mean ai can't eat jar?

Jackson and I have had a much easier time breastfeeding, and I really don’t want to give it up.  I’ve been so afraid to introduce anything else to his diet because I didn’t want to jeopardize what we have going.  I am afraid that if I introduce anything else, he isn’t going to want to breastfeed anymore, and we’ll lose the bond that we have (and I’ll lose the ability to eat whatever I want!).

Yet here we are, having decided at first that we would start solid food at six months (the new AAP recommendation) and since revising that to “when he sits up on his own.”  Well, guess who is sitting up on his own?

So, it is time.  We talked about it and came to the conclusion that since he is almost six months old, we’d start with stage 2 food (it’s for six-month-olds, after all).  We picked a green vegetable since that’s what you’re supposed to introduce first anyway (besides cereal, which we decided to skip and come back to in a couple days).  I let Big Daddy make the final choice for Jackson’s first meal, so green beans it was.

That's Jackson's very first bite of solid food!

In retrospect, we probably should have gone in the proper order: cereal, stage 1 green veggies, stage 1 orange veggies, stage 1 fruits, stage 1 meats, then stage 2.  Jackson mostly seemed to enjoy it, and he actually ate the entire jar by the end of the night.  I was very, very proud.  But he did seem to gag on a couple of bites, which is understandable.  The kid has never had anything but breastmilk, and here we are skipping the thinnest foods and going to medium consistency.  Overall, I’m very proud-but-sad.  I feel like an era is ending, even though we’ll (hopefully) still be breastfeeding for another six months.  It just won’t be all the time, and he won’t rely on me as much.

Jackson's adorable gaggy face when he got too big of a bite.

So, it’s good to know that he likes green beans, but we’ll be backing up a step in the future.  He woke up crying hat seemed like every two hours last night (and remember, this is the baby that has slept through the night consistently since he was 2 or 3 weeks old) so something was up.  Being that him starting solids was the only thing that changed in his life and routine, I have to assume that’s what caused it.  It could have been a reaction to green beans, or to solid food in general.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  I didn’t give him any food at all today, and tomorrow I probably won’t, either.  I’ll wait until probably Saturday at the ballpark and give him some very thin cereal.

Nom nom nom.

This is a kid who enjoyed eating very much, after all, so I can’t deprive him of food for too long.  I just never imagined I’d be wanting my baby to grow slower.  Avery was such a demanding, difficult, fussy baby, that every minute seemed to drag by.  But every day, as he got a little bit older, got better and better.  Even now, with every word he learns and every milestone he hits, we get closer and closer.  But Jackson has been a dream from the start, and knowing that we won’t be having any more babies for awhile makes me ache to see the days passing so quickly.  He’s been a perfect baby, and who wouldn’t want a perfect baby to stay little forever?

Post-feeding, full and happy.


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