Weekend Rewind

We had a SUPER busy weekend that I’m still recovering from, trying to catch up on the laundry and clutter and such.  (How does a house get messy twice as much when you aren’t even home?!  My guess is the “come in, dump your stuff, grab more stuff, leave, repeat.”)

Since we did so much, I’ll share most of it in pictures and spare you a lot of the words.

Saturday morning at my grandparents’ house:

Little A tearing a page out of Granddaddy's book and eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

Granddaddy makes everyone laugh, even Baby J.

I cut down some of this honeysuckle vine to use as an air freshener in my van that day.

Saturday afternoon at the ballpark:

The grass at this ballpark was so thick and perfect that we decided to lay on blankets instead of use our chairs.

Little A spent part of the time away from me, playing in giant piles of sand and dirt!

He also spent a large portion of the day reading books in the grass near me. He read about Mater & McQueen and Mommy read Thoreau.

I dressed myself and the kids for the cool morning that we were having, but the ballpark turned out sweltering! We all had to shed our boots and socks and roll up our blue jeans.

Baby J tried so hard to sit up! I like to call this one "baby yoga." He did eventually sit up for a second or two.

Baby J had such a good time in the sunshine.

Sunday at the ballpark:

Sunday's ballpark didn't have the awesome grass, so we had our typical four-chairs-for-one-adult-and-one-toddler setup. (What?) (I use those chairs to block him in near me so he can't run off into the parking lot.)

The day wasn't really all that cold, but the wind was biting and made it feel colder than it was. At least the sky was beautiful!

Big Daddy and Little A running the bases at the end of the day.

We always let Little A take a lap at the end of the day. Here he is crossing home plate, like a champ!

Sunday evening with Opa:

Sunday evening we had dinner at my dad's girlfriend's (amazing!) house. Little A fell off the window bench seat and hit the hardwood nose first, giving himself his first nosebleed. Lucky him, a kiss on the booboo heals it quickly, and he was laughing already when I tried to take a picture. 🙂

So that was our weekend!  I was so tired today (and I woke up in a pretty foul mood anyway), so I made my best effort to not to a dad-gum thing.  Of course, I am just not capable of doing nothing, so I did do some laundry and clean two rooms.  I guess it was good that I failed at taking the day off, because tomorrow I definitely will not be doing anything at all.  Tomorrow, I go to the dentist. Anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows that I am already terrified and my first appointment (I have two back-to-back) is still eleven hours away.  I’ve already cried today.  Tomorrow will be worse.  I will have to take some form of medication to get through it, and even then I will probably cry the rest of the day, so there will be no decluttering or laundry getting done tomorrow at all.  Why, oh why, did the weekend have to end so soon?

Wish me luck, y’all.



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