Clean Sweep

I always try to clean the house right before we leave, especially if it’s for more than the day.  But, we had to housesit for my dad with little notice, so I had to leave the house as-is and let the junk pile up double when we got home. We got home today, and the decluttering was a pretty big undertaking, so I decided to document it in photos.  Other SAHMs out there will appreciate the fact that I did this, despite my tornado of a 2yo and my 5mo demanding a feeding every 1.5-2 hours:


Living room before.


Living room after.


Jackson's room before.


Jackson's room after. (Holy cow! There's a bed under there!)


Avery's room before.


Avery's room after. Notice the little devil jumping on the bed.

So, we had quite the adventure for one day!  This is all in addition to three loads of mixed laundry, diaper laundry, vacuuming, spot cleaning the carpet (thank the Good Lord for our carpet steamer), and completely cleaning, dusting, and reorganizing my desk so’s I can be a “real working woman.”  (Puh-LEEZ.  I work my fanny off every day, special blogging spot or not.)

I did notice yet another hidden benefit of breastfeeding today.  Usually I tend to get on a cleaning kick and work straight through the entire day, no food, no breaks.  But when you’re nursing a five month old, breaks are sort of built in throughout the day.  Jackson literally demands that I take a break to feed him at least every three hours, but usually closer to every 1.5 or 2.  Thanks, baby!


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