Who Are You?

So, last night, I noticed on one of the widgets at the bottom of my page that I have 49 email followers. First, my heart leaped with joy. It then promptly sunk to my toes when I realized that it was probably spam.

But then, another twist. What if I really do have 49 followers on just a few entries? I told Big Daddy about it and we came to the conclusion that you all probably came from the one-and-a-half entries I wrote when this blog was going to be strictly about cloth diapers. Just in case that’s really the deal here (which I imagine it is), I’m gonna give y’all what you came here for. Just in bits and pieces, ’cause those 1.5 entries drained me on the reviews and I wound up deleting and starting over as just a mommy blog.

But this is the internet, y’all! I can be both! So to whet your appetite just a tad, here’s my stash:

Some of those are dirties just so they could all get in the shot. (Shhh!)

Complete(ish) List

  • 6 bumGenius snap 4.0s + 6 infant inserts/doublers & 6 one-size inserts (Bubble)
  • 4 flip snap hybrid covers + 6 stay dry inserts (Noodle)
  • 1 econobum cover + 3 econobum prefolds (White)
  • 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, size 1 (Cool Stripes)
  • 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, size 2 (Hoot)
  • 1 Rumparooz hemp 6r soaker
  • 6 Cotton Babies indian cotton prefolds, infant size
  • 12 Cotton Babies indian cotton prefolds, toddler size
  • 5 el cheap-o MIC (Made in China) pocket diapers from eBay, each with microfiber inserts (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue solids)
  • 1 Snappi
  • 24 bumGenius flannel baby wipes
  • 1 medium-sized Planet Wise wet bag
  • 2 small handmade wetbags from Etsy
  • and a bumGenius diaper sprayer

3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

    • I do like it, and I’d say it’s more than worth it – it’s 100% necessary. At first it was kind of a joke because I was basically spraying off the “seedy” part of EBF poop and there’d still be this giant mustard-colored stain left behind until I did the diaper laundry later that day or the next. But now that Jackson has been eating solid food for a couple of days, and has the poo to prove it, it sprays right off into the toilet. I don’t really know what you’re supposed to do with solid poo if you don’t have one, because we don’t use liners (just more money to flush, ya know?). It does leak, though. I’ll do a thorough review pretty soon. I’m working on the Thirsties covers right now, so maybe I can do it next week.

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