85 Years Young

I’ve spent all day imagining what it must have been like in 1927. Seems like a tough year to be born in, what with the Depression, quickly followed by World War II. But that’s when my Mawmaw was born. (Yep, I got a Mawmaw. Lots of people have those in the south – she’s my maternal grandmother.)

20120411-220326.jpgHappy 85th birthday, Mawmaw!

I don’t get to see my Mawmaw too often, and I definitely don’t know too many 85-year-olds, so the two combined made a Must Not Miss Event. Big Daddy’s boss let him take a couple hours off in the middle of his shift, and off we went to dinner near her house with my mom and brother. Everyone had a good time (Baby J was an angel, as usual, and Little A was pretty good, too, considering he was just confirmed with strep today).

We are all exhausted from several days of nonstop unpacking and other household work/errands, so Baby J crashed out pretty soon after we got home and Big Daddy went into work. Little A is rubbing his eyes but determined to finish watching Toy Story 3 – gee, thanks, Big Daddy for setting up a DVD player in our room. Yay.

Good thing he gets off in 25 minutes and can put this booger to bed himself. 🙂


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